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COME 1 COME ALL!!! 11-18-05 14:32
Next week! Friday November 25th will be SMYRC's open mic night, and this open mic-night is going to be featuring a performance from SMYRC's one and only Medea MacPherson!!!!!!
Yes it is her long awaited return to SMYRC's stage.

Come to see her as well as some performances, poetry, and rants from P-towns coolest kids ever!

2100 SE Belmont
Open mic starts @ around 8 but SMYRC opens on Fridays @ 4pm

Medea MacPherson
I'm not saying this for sure happening but people have been emailing me telling me to bring my stuff for my # tomorrow @ SMYRC. So if you have the time to stop by please do because tomorrow is my last day in Portland.

<3 Medea MacPherson

SMYRC is located at
2100 SE Belmont
(roughly about 21st and Belmont)
and is open from 4pm-9pm
so really this is Dan.... 09-17-05 04:50
So yeah it's Dan/Dannyboi, but I've decided to make an elowel so I can post stuff about whenever I have a show or performance coming up.

so that's all from me

Medea MacPherson
Hello, 09-17-05 04:49
My name is medeamacpherson. I'm new to elowel.